ALADIN (AnaLyse About development and INnovation): stimulation, evaluation and strategic management of innovation

ADN (Alliance of Dual Networks):alliances management methodology

 DAM (Discounted Assets Minimum): investments choices

 DANTE( Dynamic Appraisal of Network Technologies and Equipment)

 DEESSE ( DElphi, in S, System of Energy): technological prospective and technological intelligence market oriented

 DELPHI-DELTA: technological prospective and creativity stimulation

 ELECTRE-ORESTE (Evaluation and Choices linking to the REality-ORientation Economic, Sociologic and Technique): out ranking methodology 

IACA OR "JUST DO IT" ( Importance, Assurance, Capacity): cubic matrix of industrial policy

 MAESTRIA ( MArketing and Evaluation of STRategy and InformAtion):creative marketing approach for a high tech services 


PROFORM: strategic formulation using the support graph
PROEVA: multicriteria evaluation
PROPILOT: three levels coordination (strategic, tactic et operational)
PROPLAN: activities planning (PERT et GANTT)
PRORES: activities follow up and triangle resources
PRODEC: decisions follow up
PRORG: project team organization and "planetary" structures
PROCOM: interne et extern communication
PROREP: conception, realization and process control
PRORISK: identification, analysis and risk evaluation
PRODOC: documentation management

 TB7: Seven phases of management control

 THE THREE E (three eggs) (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Equivalence): innovation operations management

 THE THREE ID (The three Ideas) Imagination Invention Innovation

 VENTURE : the "tools box" of the business angel

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