NVD CONSULTANTS is a consulting company launched in 1989 in Paris. It is based on a network principal with an objective to assist with a launch of new ventures and to support their successful development. Our network of expertise extends all over the world - from Paris, to tiny Bora Bora in French Polynesia, to dynamic Silicon Valley, to the new East European frontier, to emerging Asian countries’ opportunities to the financial center on the East Coast of the US.

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We are very proud of our three important major innovations:

1) Concept of “technological strategy”: is the world’s first to formally combine the “strategy” function of managers and “technology” function of engineers. In 1983 we publish a book called “Strategies technologiques”. Now the concept is widely accepted and commonly used.

Sim Card Nicolas Danila 2) Product “digital pan-European mobile phone” (1989-1991) is the foundation for the management of the GSM programs. It was used by a leading telecommunication company Orange at their very beginning. We predicted a beginning of a digital, pan-European technological expansion that lead to the present huge market. We started with a budget of 30.000 euros for the initial project. Orange now has a 4 billions euros sales revenue.

3) Creation of a “New Class of Fragrances”.  A new product “The first natural fragrance without any allergens to be announced” was created in October 2005 with our partners in Grasse, France. The second product was created in November 2006 and the third in January 2007. Two were created (the fourth and the fifth) in 2008 and the last two (the sixth and the seventh) in March 2009.



1989 the beginning
1990 first important client (we worked together from 1990 to 2004)
1992 an excellent result for one of our clients. Using our methodology their program for the first time meets the objective on time and within budget.
1993 change of legal status (from SARL to SA)
1993 completion of an important information systems project with three different international consulting companies and more than 300 people team with a budget of 700 millions euros
1995 development of important NVD tools
1997 development of our network
2001 first uses of our expertise by start ups
2003 establishing presence on the French Riviera
2005 first physical innovation


Our mission is to deliver the best expertise available and implement tailored solutions to stimulate your innovation.
Yours success is our success and satisfaction.
Using a flexible innovative structure, NVD can mobilize the right skills, expertise and technologies at the best prices in order to help you improve your performance through innovation.
We give you techniques for creating compelling value for your customers or stakeholders and your organization.
Our knowledge, expertise, are available for you such as:
- Tools (Concepts, methodologies and approaches)
- multi-client studies
- creative strategies formulation and implementation
- training for sophisticated methodologies
- launch, management and control of innovative projects 

The seven key points of NVD CONSULTANTS

our integrity
a special successful relationship between the Client and NVD is based on a "support graph"
our 13 well tried methodologies
an incredible world wide network of expertise developed during 17 years
our capacity to use the “serendipity”
our record of success
our creative approach to problem solving

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